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2020 Ducato steering wheel size


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I am looking to order a Disklok to add some security for my, shortly to arrive, campervan.

They come in 3 different sizes and I need to know the steering wheel diameter of the standard Fiat Ducato steering wheel for a current model.

If anyone can point me to a source of suitably detailed technical information document that would be helpful. Or alternatively if someone knows the definitive answer even better.

The FIAT Professional site is not the most straightforward to navigate. I have the User manual but as far as I see it does not contain this particular information.



Many thanks



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The appropriate size of a steering-wheel Disklok for a recent model Ducato has been asked about several times




When referred to in such entries, the Ducato’s steering-wheel diameter is generally stated as 39cm (as Gary has said). A ‘leather’ steering-wheel has been a Ducato option since 2006, but I doubt its diameter is significantly different from that of the standard ‘plastic’ wheel.


Disklok’s fitting guide is here




and, although on-line comments have suggested that a Small Disklok may (just) fit on a Ducato steering-wheel, the Medium Disklok is likely to be a better choice. The Medium version is advised here






Marketed as “the UK’s strongest steering wheel lock”, this unit – which comes in bright yellow – is also as visual as they come (a less eye-catching silver is an alternative offering in some sizes).


Typically, the Medium is best suited to motorhomes based on Fiat’s Ducato/Peugeot’s Boxer. Note there’s a built-in adjustment of one inch which allows you to find the perfect size for your steering wheel.


When fitted, the Disklok is loose enough to slide around on your steering wheel (although it should not be loose enough that it can be lifted off) – that’s what makes it impossible for any criminal to get a firm enough hold to lever it off.

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