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Soudall Fix All High Tack


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I and other kayak manufacturers use Soudal Fix-All to bond foam bulkheads inside polyethylene kayaks, polyethylene being something that does not like being "stuck to". So I guess the high tack version will be perfectly ok, as with other high tack adhesives if you try to tidy up too much you will drag the surface around so try to get the perfect amount in place before bonding.
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I used it to attach the plastic panel mounts on my last van and have done so again on the new one.

I did some tests against others sealants I had 'open' at the time using the actual bracket (roughened and cleaned with meths) and a GRP moulding and the cured bond was the strongest of those I tried.

From memory (this was 4 years ago) I had Sika 292, BondIt PU18 and Soudal RV61 to hand.

The PUs were noticably worse than the MS Polymers; PU18 for example could be peeled off the plastic moulding using a rolling thumb pressure alone.

Having eventually torn the FixAll bond I had to resort to cutting and sanding it off the mount to get back to the plastic.

UV resistance was my only doubt, but it didn't appear to have deteriorated 4 years later.

I used a 4mm bead.


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