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Loss of reversing camera and reversing lights


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Any advice as to what is the most likely cause for the loss of the reversing camera and reversing lights would be appreciated.


The reversing camera has always been temperamental, cannot always get a reliable view on the screen and now the reversing lights no longer illuminate.


I understand there is a switch on the gearbox, that is prone to sticking....is this costly to replace?



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Welcome to the Forum.

Reverse switches range from £6.00 on line upto 16.00.

My local garage would fit one for a drink, he says it’s very straight forward.

I’d probably do that 1st for such a small outlay and of still a problem it’s down to checking continuity.

I guess you’ve checked the fuse.

It’s handy to know the age of your Mh.

It could still be under warranty for the reversing lights and fix your camera at the same time.


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The reversing camera is usually operated via a feed from the reversing lights switch, or from one, or other of the reversing lights. As neither is working you have several possibilities.

A fuse feeding power to the reversing lights circuit has blown - but you then need to find out what caused it to blow before replacing the fuse.

A connector on the reversing light switch has come loose, so no power is going to either lights or camera.

A connection within whichever reversing light is the first in line has come loose, or is corroded, so no power there ('though as you say reversing lights, the other light should still work even if the first in line doesn't). But still worth checking, as it is relatively easy to do. This will only be relevant if the camera is fed from one or other of the lights.

As you suggest, the reversing light switch has failed.

As above, it may help if you say what van you have, on what base, and what year, as someone with a similar van may have experienced a similar problem.

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Many thanks for your replies..


It is an Autotrail...2.3 Fiat base ...2010.


It is currently Sorned awaiting the all clear to hit the road. I will have a word with the local garage and get him to replace the switch, which will be a good place to start.


I am too old to start messing around with things mechanical even if I knew what I was doing.


Again...thanks for your help.




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Is your reversing camera and monitor the Auto-Trail factory fit 'Entertainment option' or an aftermarket fit?


Either way you could check for voltage on the 'Fiat rear light connector Y203' see the Sargent wiring schematic here...




I think you will need to use the 2011 schematic as there is no 2010 and the 2009 is only for Excel models.



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Wow....that was quick.


The Reversing camera is the factory fitted tv unit that is ceiling mounted.


I will try and digest the info you have supplied and have a look at the van over the weekend.....it is not here, but in storage.


Many thanks.



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I do not want to be a prophet of doom, but I could not help thinking of our previous Bosch washing machine, which when out of warranty, kept stopping mid cycle.

It would only start again after waiting some time.


My diagnosis, with which the service technician agreed, was a micro crack internal to the microprocessor. Given waiving of the callout fee, and a healthy discount we opted for a new machine rather than repair the original for slightly less.


Unfortunately that option would not work for a MH with a faulty body control, or other module.




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When you get a chance, it might be worth tracing the wiring from the rear to the engine compartment.


I had a problem with the rear fog lights that was caused by faulty wiring and corrosion of the connections. The wiring ran from the rear , zip tied to the chassis channels. Damp road crud had built up, caught by the handful of connectors leading to a useful corrosive situation.





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