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Electric Cab Windows Mk2 Boxer


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After 3 years use, the drivers window had started to slow down and rattle slightly when closing (more load), opening was clean and fast. Rather than leave it until it stopped working or start to strip gears, I stripped down, the door panels, handles, control switches etc off the door, loads of screws!


I found a vertical central zinc plated runner inside the door panel, which was really soiled with a dirt and grease combination. Cleaning the runner with WD40 to get the grease/dirt off, also cleaning the white plastic shoe which is attached to the window glass and runs up and down the runner, took the load off the motor and it runs quite nicely now.


Rather than lubricate the runner, I polished it with Pledge furniture polish, I wonder how long its going to last without the proper lubricating grease? Anyone else had problems with the electric window mechanism? Also guys/girls any thoughts on treating the furry bits – which the glass runs up and down, in the door window frame? Or more importantly – what not to use!


Regards Terry


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