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Fair Fx accounts suspended


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I was unaware that the "Wirecard" scandal involved prepaid cards and it would appear that, among a range of other cards, FairFx cards are now suspended.


It seems that so far the money is safe, but not accessible?








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Cards now unlocked.

I suppose I naively thought that the likes of Fairfx held the cash in their bank.

In fact, and I think I'm right that they are just like 'Middle men' or just administrators of the accounts.

They hold some Euro's for me and I will probably run down my holding with them.

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I have 3 FX cards, Anywhere in £, $ and €.

We were meant to be spending 3 weeks in California in May hence the $

We went to New Zealand, hence the Anywhere

We have the € for our European trips & day trips.

As they have started operating again I will remove the bulk of the balances on these cards and just leave eg £5 on each.

There is a small fee, but I'll take that hit to keep the bulk of the money safe.

I very much doubt that the Wirecard scandal has ended yet!


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