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Replacing Ducato front bumper


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One of the front tyres delaminated and shattered the inner wheel arch and bumper end corner.


I have had a couple of quotes to help decide whether to go via insurance or not.


But the main expense seems to be for the respray of the new end corner. It may look out of place fresh and newly painted and I have read about paint starting to peel off.


It did occur to me that it would be cheaper to replace both bumper end corners and just leave them black. Something like these



I assume (there's that word again) that the new parts don't actually need to be painted.


Any thoughts appreciated.

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I notice that ‘complete’ front bumpers for a 2006-2014 Ducato are advertised for a relatively small sum




As the advert says, these are ‘pattern’ parts, not ‘genuine’ Fiat parts - so you’d need to try to establish their quality and fit before ordering.


(Sticking a pair of bare plastic front bumper ends on your motorhome with the bumper centre remaining painted is likely to look pretty odd and, if you ever decide to sell your vehicle, will be off-putting to a potential buyer.)



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