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ATMB Battery


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Hi all would like to know if anyone has had to get the battery in their transponder replaced have had mine for six years now and wondering how long it will last don’t like the feeling when you drive up to the polls each year wondering if it will work TIA Edgar
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I haven't but I did see a post on another forum recently from someone who had suffered that very problem at a toll barrier. They said that they had purchased a new tag.


However, from the subscriptions tab on your online account, there is the facility to request the replacement of a defective tag.


Chrome auto-translates foreign web pages for me, so the option appears as "Replace a defective badge". When I select the link it states


"Replacing a defective badge requires you to go to one of our Customer Reception Areas.


We suggest that you declare your badge defective now and select the Customer Reception Area where you wish to make the exchange."


The subscription type and tag number fields are already populated from my account information, but I have to select a Customer Reception Area where I wish to make the change. Although a drop down list, when selected it shows only a single option for the "point of sale CRC Nangy".


I assume proceeding from that point will send you to another web page, but I haven't tried it as I have no wish to report my tag as defective at the moment. I suspect that after 6 years though, no-one is going to quibble about you doing so. Perhaps you could report back on the rest of the process once you've tried :-D

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