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Beirut Blast


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Horrific scenes from the massive explosion in Lebanon which killed 'at least' 100, i expect that figure will rise, and injured over 4000. The blast was measured at a 3.5 magnitude and felt and heard over 180 miles away. Apparently it was caused by 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored in a warehouse at the dock since being confiscated from a cargo ship in 2014.





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Barryd999 - 2020-08-05 3:56 PM


Pretty shocking stuff. Apart from Nuclear explosions I dont remember seeing anything quite as big. Tragic.

Largest in UK during peacetime was when the Buncefield oil depot went up in 2005. The blast was heard in the Netherlands and it took firefighters three days to put out.




Then there was this chemical plant in China......which makes Buncefield look like a little camp fire.


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Barryd999 - 2020-08-05 4:40 PM


Sounds like that country was ripe for a revolution before this happened. Could just be the catalyst that tips it over the edge.

They've recently had a series of mass demonstrations against rising taxes, stagnant economy, unemployment, sectarianism and corruption in the public sector (hmm...sound familiar?). They've also been invaded by both Syria and Israel.


But as to the thread subject it seems the blame shifting has already started. Someone,somewhere, hasn't been doing their job.



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John52 - 2020-08-06 7:49 AM


Apparently it was caused by someone welding a door which accidentally started a fire. Scariest thing is Trump saying it was an attack 8-) ...and he is the one with his finger over the Nuclear Button 8-)


I think that's probably a speculative guess more than fact as it's a bit early in the day yet. As for Trumps crackpot remark, it just adds to the long list of utterly insane and unhelpful remarks the lunatic comes out with.


Beirut residents are understandably furious with rage since hearing warnings from the port head had been ignored and a number of port officials have been placed under house arrest pending an investigation scheduled to take place in five days time.



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