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Cost of LPG VAT


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Fitted a Gasflow system this morning and will now go to fill up. Contacted the local fill up points and got prices from 41.9p/lt (ASDA) to 51.9p. Asked all what the price was for domestic use (ie VAT at 5% and not at 17.5%) simply to draw a blank.


I appreciate that I will make a saving over the bottle changing method but am a bit surprised these distributers were not aware of the VAT differences

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Hi sshortcicuit,


Check out your Yellow pages to see if you have a local LPG outlet that is not a filling station so is able to seperate out the various costs. Also remember if you start asking for domestic gas on a filling station they may well refuse to allow you to fill up.

We have a local outlet that does car LPG conversions but also supplies for domestic use. It does make quite a difference as last time I used them (about a month ago) it was only£0.34p per litre as you not only save vat but I believe there is a further tax you pay on road fuel (not sure about that only something that was said in passing).




Edit P.S. Our local Waitrose was £0.39p this morning for LPG

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Thanks for your postings as this was on the back of my mind.


Filled up for the first time. After a lot of huffing and puffing from the nozzle, about 40lt for £19.00.


Had more problems getting out of the forecourt as it was so restricted.


Good investment.


Thanks again.

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