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Bak Rak towbar mounted racks


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Hi there i wanted to share my experience with fellow motor home owners regarding a canoe rack that i recently purchased for our motor home as we wanted to carry our two canoes on the back of our unit.


I saw just what i thought we needed on line from a company called Bak Rak, firstly their website is atrocious, that should have been a warning.


They advertise next day delivery so i ordered on the 9th August and its now the 16th and still no delivery i phoned and some stressed bloke got stroppy and said they had too much on. Its not bak rak - you can't even contact them they hide behind a messaging service and don't reply to messages ever. They use another company to send their stuff out who are just as rubbish to get hold of and when you do they are just as unhelpful, they tell you they will send it the same day and then don't. I have no idea if the £300 worth of stuff i ordered is ever going to arrive.



Well said canoe rak has arrived, ordered on the 9th arrived on the 18th not too bad for next day i guess. Well it gets worse, some plastic parts (tightening knobs) are broken, zinc passivized parts drilled after coating (so will rust very quickly) instruction diagrams so poorly printed as to be unreadable. Some riv nuts are too proud and not compressed properly so box section wont fit. whole thing is too unstable on the tow bar to be safe when loaded with two canoes, i will be redesigning the whole thing and putting most of it in the bin where it belongs, a very expensive mistake. Of course no answer to any contact with the them only the message service who will pass your message on and you never hear back.


Just didn't want others to have the same problems.

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Wilmond engineering, 'just down the road from me'.

So called 'towing specialists', had to take a lighting bar back to them, it was advertised as being for a cycle rack, but had the wrong reflectors that should only be used on trailers, wanted a extra wide one to suit the van, the bar is extra wide, but lights are close together, just the (wrong) reflectors which are far apart. Two years old now and falling apart, and don't get me started on the 'heavy duty' jockey wheel they tried palming off on us at work.

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