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180w dash socket


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2005 Peugeot Boxer 2.2hdi RHD

I have two cigarette sockets on my dash and I use the left one for charging phones etc, the right hand one (marked 180w max) has not worked so I presume a fuse has blown, but I am unable to find it. I am looking for either 15A or 20A fuse.

The socket has been tested with engine running.

So any pointers to which fuse box I should concentrate my efforts on, and maybe which fuse it may be linked up to if it is the fuse that's faulty?




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Assuming that a 2005 Boxer has the same arrangement as a 2005 Ducato, the relevant Ducato Owner Handbook indicates that the180W-max ‘front current socket’ is protected by a 20A fuse (Fuse 52) in the fuse-box behind a removable flap in the dashboard in front of the cab passenger seat (for RHD vehicles).


(Attached images refer)



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This link is to a Ducato Owner Handbook with a April 2005 publication date




and Page 6 (RHD vehicle) has a a drawing of the dashboard. The image I’ve attached below shows the cigar-lighter’s position (21) on the middle-left of the central console, with the “current socket” (17) on the lower-right.


Fuse-related information starts on Page 149, but the 20A fuse 52 seems like the only realistic option.


When you say that the 180W socket has been tested, I'm guessing you’ve done this by sticking a suitable plug in it. I think you’ll need to get the socket out of the dashboard and check the wiring to it to confirm whether or not 12V power is arriving there (when the vehicle’s ignition is on). It just might be that a connector is not properly in place on the socket.


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