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Elddis Autostratus Shower Leak


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HI All,


I have a 2000 model year Elddis Autostratus TS SE, and due to site facilities being closed was forced to shower in the Motorhome, noticed a leakage of water during my daughters shower, about half a pint. (she was in there a while too) any experience out there of resolving shower leaks and how much of a pain this is?





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On my van (different make) I had a small one that turned out to be the seal around the plug hole. No damage done and a relatively easy fix as access is good.


You mention collecting about half a pint of water. Where was this – ie, under the vehicle, habitation area, garage etc?


I’m no expert on this but first I’d check for cracks in the shower tray. Then I’d check the seals around the shower edges. if there’s nothing obvious then some experimentation may be required so I’d probably let it dry out then try directing water to different parts of the shower to see if the leak commences.


I’m assuming that the shower has been used without leaking before? – ie this is a recently developed fault? The other possibility is some loose pipework between the shower and the water supply so if you have access it’s worth grabbing a torch and investigating.


The challenge with water is that it travels so where you see it may not be the source.

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Thanks, i only got the van in july so dont know how long this has been happening


I noticed it from the out side on a site pitch on dry gravel, water leaked directly under the shower but could not locate the ce as its covered underneath.


i will do some discovery with a hose and see what happens


thanks for the response

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