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TV relocation in a PVC?


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We are looking at an Adria Twin which has the sliding door on the offside & the hob & sink protruding part way across the opening. There is an overhead cupboard in line with the hob/sink.

With our two previous coachbuilts the TV has been positioned just behind the drivers seat and was viewable from the passenger cab seat & the dinette bench seating.

It seems that most PVC’s have the TV mounted on the walling behind the dinette bench seating – meaning that it can only be viewed from either cab seat.

This is a bit of an issue for us.

Thus, my question is, is there any mounting system that can i) hang beneath the sink/hob overhead cupboard or ii) be suspended in front of the sliding doorway or on the side of the overhead cupboard.

We realise that i) might be issue when using the hob but that would be very rarely in use as we tend to microwave pre-prepared meals or BBQ, & in ii) access in & out of the doorway would be compromised.

We realise that cabling etc. would need to be relocated etc. but wonder whether what I have described is available or feasible.

I feel sure that I have seen a motorhome with ii) but attached to the side of the overhead cupboard.


Basically I am trying to replicate this sort of layout where one person can watch TV from the passenger seat & the other from the dinette seating.


Is this achievable?




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I'm not sure that I would want to permanently mount a TV on a bracket in either of the locations you've envisaged; rather obstructive for use of the door or sink, and a bit of an issue whilst in motion.


Assuming the hob/sink have covers, wouldn't it be much more simple to have a free-standing TV, and simply put it on the hob/sink/worktop when required? That would just leave you with the rather easier issue of power and aerial feeds.

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This 2010 forum thread discussed ‘unusual’ TV brackets




My 2015 coachbuilt Rapido came with the sliding/revolving type of bracket shown in the attached photo (though I immediately removed it as we don’t carry a TV) and this MIGHT do.


There is a host of leisure-vehiclle TV brackets




but - as Robinhood has suggested - having the TV free-standing might well be a better approach.


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