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Automatic Clutch


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Hello colin,


I have tried a vehicle equiped with one of the following (Autoclutch) and it is very, very good if not a bit strange at first (just seems wierd the way it does it itself!!).


See www.turboboost.co.uk/default2.asp?active_page_id=202


Worth a look and its a good company to do business with, well it was for us. If they are at Peterboro next month they have a demo with them normally, if you are going.



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Vehevac at Edenbridge just south of Croydon if you live down that way.


Although I won't recommend them as they quoted me 3 days to fit my aircon and eventually took 7.




PS I use a autoclutch full time and mine has worked a treat over the last 9000 miles.

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I contacted Vehvac a while ago and got this reply:



Many thanks for your enquiry regarding the AutoClutch push-button clutch



We are pleased to enclose information to give you a clear description of the product which we have installed on several occasions to the T4's operated by the AA for their roadside repair services. It may be possible to arrange a test drive should you so wish.


The price for fitting AutoClutch is usually around £995 + v.a.t. (£1169.13)

depending on the complexities of installation and our regional installers

are free to set their own prices. Each vehicle is subject to survey prior to

firm quotation as there may be differences in condition, specification and

accessories even for apparently similar models. AutoClutch can generally

(depending on age, mileage etc.) be transferred from one vehicle to the next at a typical charge of GBP 450.00 + v.a.t including new ancillary parts.


Do please contact us if you need any further information and thank you once again for your interest in AutoClutch.


Yours sincerely,

Len Stevens


Leonard M. Stevens

Commercial Director, Vehvac Ltd.

The Wiles Centre, Commerce Way, Edenbridge TN8 6ED, U.K.

Tel: +44 (0)1732 868080

Fax: +44 (0)1732 868181

Email: len@vehvac.com



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I used a Guido-Simplex clutch system on a Hymer Mercedes 410 for about eight years before changing to a fully automatic motorhome two years ago. The Guido-Simplex clutch system is vacuum operated and the only maintenance needed was a simple lubricating of an actuator shaft an a yearly basis. I only ever needed the clutch cable adjusted once and this was taken care of by Chris Elliott in Peterborough when I visited the city for the MH show. The clutch never caused me any problems but I have heard that some electric systems are less than reliable in certain cases. Incidentally I don't know if Chris still fits these systems but if he does I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his work. IHTH,

Regards, Ian


Cost was about £995 (VAT Exempt)

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Have you tried any Spanish companies? I would think it would be much cheaper to do here in Spain.


For example, on the Spanish motorhome forums there are many threads about the Fiat 5th gear modification. 120 euros for the parts and 54 euros labour. £120. On here I've seen £300 quoted in the UK!!

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Alas I dont speak Spanish so it's difficult to track down any suppliers if you know of any body in the Malaga area let me know.

I have found esveral UK companies who supply and fit prices from £1175 to £2300.

I may wait untill I visit UK for the Great Dorset Steam Fair in Aug 2007.

Many thanks for all the help


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breakaleg - 2007-03-21 1:06 PM


just had auto clutch fitted to my new van, and it works a treat, it does take a little getting used to, tb turbos fitted ours.



Hi Breakaleg,


What vehicle have you converted and what was the cost approximatly?



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Hi Basil, we have a 2006 marquis lancashire. (same as auto-sleeper neuavo) on a peugot 2.2ltr hdi.

the dealer took it to lancashire for us (if they had told me that i would have taken it mysef and saved a small fortune) total cost £1500, i belive its nearer £1100. (hard lesson learnt)


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