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Upgrading interior lights to LED


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I am looking to change my existing interior van lighting to LEDs.


I have a number of Lumo Coronet oval lights. It would be less expensive to keep these and just replace the bulb with a LED alternative. I have already changed the spotlights to LED.


My research had lead me to think that a G4 DC SMD would be best type but do I buy the variant with back pins and are they easy to connect to the existing unit.


Thanks for any help.

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On-line adverts suggest that a 'non-LED' Lumo Coronet light fitting has a 10W G4 halogen bulb.


The type of LED replacement that can be used - side-pin or back-pin - will depend on the orientation of the G4 bulb and the space available. If the G4 bulb is horizontal, a side-pin LED would be used; if the G4 bulb is vertical a back-pin bulb would be needed.


Aten Lighting offers a wide range of side-pin and back-pin LED bulbs to replace the G4 halogen variety.






Also some 'tower' type




Err on the high side when selecting an equivalent wattage and choose warm-white as the colour.


In principle replacing a G4 halogen bulb with an LED equivalent should be straightforward, but space restrictions can complicate matters. It ought to be obvious from inspecting the Lumo fitting whether there may be difficulties.


(I assume your Lumo Coronet lights are not operated through a dimmer switch...)

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From what I can see, the Coronet (currently) comes in LED, Halogen and PL (flourescent) versions.


If it is the halogen version, then removing the diffuser and checking the orientation of the existing bulb will, as Derek says, provide you with enough information on whether you need side or back pin (if you're in doubt, just compare the types on the Aten pages).


The specification indicates that the light output for the halogen version is 120lm, and this should give you an idea of the comparative brightness of any replacement. I'd go with warm white as Derek says, though you will have some experience of the other bulbs you've replaced, and some people prefer cool white for reading.


BUT, it is not uncommon for these units to be installed with compact flourescent (PL) lamps. There is not a direct-fit replacement LED bulb for these, though some people have converted the units by removing the associated "inverter" circuitry and bulb holder, and replacing it with a G4 holder or an LED strip. This is somewhat more work, so do check that you don't have the PL version.

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I bought my LEDs from Aten around 15 years ago and they've been fault free,


As the ceiling lights were florescent I removed the gumming's and fitted reflective heatsinks with two 6" flexible 12v strips stuck to them (ebay). the awning light also has flexible strip rather than bulbs.


Looking at their website I found these https://www.atenlighting.co.uk/42led-circular.html

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