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2003 le voyageur charging.


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In the 4 years we’ve had this motorhome there have been no problems with the electrics at all. Last week I had a mechanic change the fuel filter, air filter and do an oil change. I subsequently had problems starting and ran the battery down.

I plugged in and left it overnight only to find the battery at 10v on the control panel. I checked the fuse between the charger (Schaudt las 1218-2) and starter battery and it was ok but when I reinstalled it the voltage subsequently showed at 12.8v. So maybe a dry joint. This morning when I turned the ignition on all dash lights came on for 1 sec then went out.

Looking at the Schaudt there were no lights on so I switched it off and on and the full charge mode light came on. Battery was now showing 13.7v. The Schaudt manual shows 14.1 as the cut off for the starter before float charge mode cuts in.

Switching ignition on dash lights stay on now so hopefully battery is almost back to full charge. I have not tried starting as the mechanic is coming back today so I’ll get him to sort it.

My question is why after all this time working perfectly would the battery not charge? The other question is where is the solar regulator on this model...anyone know because I can’t find it?

Sorry to ramble on.


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