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Drive away awning


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We recently bought a Vango Galli III Tall for our Chausson 650 which is 6.4m long and just under 3m tall.


I think you would need the tall version as well.


We are super happy with it - the "porch" between the main area and the van is very useful - we bbqd in it one evening when the weather was rather ropey.


The drive away feature is incredibly simple to use both connecting and disconnecting - we also had 40+mph winds one day while away and later connected and it barely moved. Feels rock solid.


No practical experience on any other models but although this is expensive it is fantastic and well worth the money.


We added the carpet, underlay "footprint" and added two Kampa Dometic Sabrelink - we only need them on 10%-20% max output to sit out reading at 10pm.


Only downside (which I was expecting) was packing away into original bag is a bit tough. Instead I use a larger tarp to roll it into then wrap it and put on some compression straps. No point wasting 15 minutes when we have enough space to carry it in a slightly larger area.


Very impressed all round with it.

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Asherwin - 2020-09-28 8:18 PM



I have an Elddis Accordo 125. Can anyone recommend a good fit awning for this model


A slightly old thread but I am also interested in getting a drive away awning for the 125. A problem with this model is that the habitation door is at the far end of any awning rail fitted and could make some awnings unsuitable. Has anyone had any success?

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I don't know if there is a classified section here but I have a Movelite Revolution awning that came with the Adria Coral. I think its a T2

It's heavy with metal poles but hardly used and I have been trying to give it away to a good home for some time. I think it can be drive away.


It's yours for free if you can collect from Lancashire

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