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Gas regulators


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I have a blocked fixed regulator and have just read John Wickersham's article on the subject. Is it not possible to purchase a30mb regulator that fits on the cylinder and connect a low pressure pipe to the existing setup? If so where and if not can a 37mb regulator be used? It has been suggested that any change to the system as originally installed could invalidate my insurance. Any comments?
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Depending on which Gas you are using, first I wouuld try local Calor distributor.

Other than Vans/caravans still use Cylinder mounted regulators.

Alternatively, as John's article suggests the problem may be due to normal hoses it should be possible to replace the regulator with the same type relocate above the cylinders and change the hoses.

Gaslow are advertising Stainless Steel Flexible hoses in this month's MMM.




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