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Schaudt control panel IT 992


Schaudt control panel IT 992  

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Hi all,

I have a Hymer b544 with a malfunctioning Schaudt control panel IT 992. It does not indicate correctly the fresh water tank level

I cleaned the sensors but the indication remains bad, with full tank the indication is 1/2. So probably the sensors circuit lose sensitivity.

I wrote to Schaud but they do not want to send me the electric diagram of the IT 992 control panel.

Does anybody know where can I get the electrical schematic diagram?

Thanks in advance.



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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Ernest.


Does your IT 992’s gauge display the fresh-water tank’s contents accurately (or fairly accurately!) in the range empty to 50% full, or does the gauge read 50% full irrespective of how much water is in the tank?


There’s a good deal of on-line discussion about Schaudt control panel problems




with this 2016 MHFun forum thread relating to water-level sensors




If your IT 992 panel’s gauge displays battery and waste-water tank readings properly, there’s a good chance that the panel is OK and the problem lies with the fresh-water tank sensors and/or the wiring between the panel and those sensors. And, if the panel reads the fresh-water tank contents OK from empty to 50% full, it’s even more likely that the panel is not the culprit.


Suggest you contact this company for advice about the problem




and - if you believe an electrical schematic for an IT 992 would help you - ask if they have one and would provide you with a copy.



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