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Fuse Location Ducato

Jiving Jeff

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There seems to to be plenty of on-line confusion about the location of the reversing light fuse for pre-2006 (pre-X250) Ducatos.


I can’t get to an on-line Fiat manual that should apply to a 54-plate Ducato, but Fuses F31 or F51 seem to be popularly advised as covering the reversing lights even though the Ducato Owner Manual says otherwise. (Drawing below)


Worth a try...



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Jiving Jeff - 2020-10-02 1:57 PM


Can anyone help with the fuse location for the reversing light on 54 reg fiat Ducato as it is not listed in the handbook ?



I note that you have referred to your vehicle registration as an aid to identifying your vehicle. This is not reliable with motorhomes, as due to the time taken by the conversion process registration may be in the year following the base vehicle manufacture. It is preferable to use the model as defined by the VIN number i.e. xxx230......, or xxx244....... These designations are commonly referred to as x230, x244, or x250.


My information is correct for my 2006 x244 2.8jtd. My copy of Fiat eLearn CD gives fuse F31 as indicated by Derek. 4cardata eLearn online also shows fuse F31. I have this evening confirmed F31, on my own vehicle, by removing and replacing that fuse.


However if your vehicle is the earlier x230 model, the wiring could differ from the x244.


A simple way to check whether you have an x230, or an x244 is reverse gear position. On the x244 there is a pull ring below the gear knob, and reverse is forward and extreme left. On the x230 reverse is in the opposite corner behind or down from fifth. This could be confounded by early changeover models.



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