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Travel insurance for over 80.s visiting Spain?


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ron. - 2020-10-03 10:37 PM


Have a look at the annual worldwide travel cover provided by the Nationwide Building Society’s flex plus account. It costs around £250 a year for both of us. We are both in our eighties with health issues.


I've just got a quote from staysure, for a couple late 70s no health problems but if going to SP or FR not covered for corona-19 as it's against FCO advice, £481 for 104 days next year, today they just sent me a discount of 15% as well

at least it gives me an ideal how much In's is going to cost, unless the government gets off it's a** and gets a deal so we can carry on using the EHIC


just noticed that Nationwide have the same clause as staysure, no cover if against FCO

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The Post Office advertises travel insurance with coronavirus cover and no upper age limit, but there’s a ‘FCO advice’ restriction (that all insurance providers probably impose) and the coronavirus cover terms and conditions should be read.






This July 2020 ‘age 80 insurance’ forum thread may be of interest



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Gat a l;etter from Natwest today saying since I'm soon getting to seventy I need to renew my annual FREE medical insurance and to revalidate it will cost £75 per year. So free insurance is £75 per year.:-(


Did a basic quote with Post Office and they charge £86 per year.


Not planning to go abroad till at least next summer so will recheck it as and when we travel.

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NatWest's travel insurance was reviewed on this 2018 link (so prices, terms, etc. may have changed since then)




The review included the following Question/Answer


Does NatWest cover people over 65, 70 and 80?


NatWest’s travel insurance is available up to the age of 70. Customers above that age must call to obtain cover and undergo a medical screening. An additional premium of £75 per year will apply.


The website has a (pre-COVID-19) 2020 ‘best buy’ list here





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