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water pumps?


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Presumably this relates to a current model Auto-Sleepers Warwick XL?




If the Whale pump is the pressure sensitive type (exanple here)




and the Flojet pump is also the pressure sensitive type (example here)




I can’t see any real problem, though some fiddling about with water connectors and wiring would almost certainly be necessary.


(Why are you considering doing this, please, and why would you choose a Flojet pump?)



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This recent ASOF discussion




suggests that a 2020 Warwick XL model will have as standard a Whale ‘submersible’ pump (ie. the pump is inside the motorhome’s fresh-water tank). Turning the pump on/off might be via microswitches on the water taps or by an in-line (probably Whale) pressure-switch.


If that’s correct and you wished to convert the system to a pressure-sensitive pump (eg. SHURflo, Fiamma, Flojet) in principle the task shouldn’t be too difficult - you’d just need to provide a water pick-up in the water tank for the new pump (and probably add a non-return valve) and provide a 12V power supply.


Assuming that it’s straightforward to fish out of the water tank the submersible pump if there were a problem with the it, I believe you’d be better off replacing a problematical pump with another of the same type. There are submersible pumps other than the Whale brand (Reich, Comet, etc.) so there would be plenty of choice.


(Although I find the ASOF forum infuriating to use, it should still be the best place to enquire about specific Auto-Sleepers matters as it’s likely that participants there will have ‘ownership’ knowledge of the motorhome involved. So there’s a sporting chance that someone on the ASOF can comment based on hands-on experience on how easy it is to swap the water pump of a Warwick XL.)

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I regard all Whale products I have come across to be overpriced and poor quality.


As has been said, Reich and Komet (Comet) are better quality. Reich pumps are not cheap, Comet are cheaper but the quality generally seems about the same as Reich.

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Typical UK asking prices for Reich water pumps are shown here




There are several ranges of Comet pumps and (as with Reich) the price will vary according to the specification.




Whale currently markets three 12V submersible pumps with an asking price from £10 to around £35.


The problems relating to leisure vehicles that have a Whale submersible pump mostly seem to be down to Whale ancillary equipment (in-line pressure switch or the electrical system that allows filling from outside the vehicle) rather than to the pump itself.


This link is to an Auto-Sleepers handbook that purports to be relevant to a 2017 Warwick XL model




Section 7 covers the water system and mentions that it includes a Whale submersible pump (15.8 litres maximum flow rate) and a pressure switch (presumably the Whale one) - so no tap micro-switch operation.


I’ve no idea if a 2020 Warwick XL’s water system is any different.

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Hi,Thanks for all the helpful replies, I must admit I didn't know that Auto Sleepers had submersible pumps


I've seen so many people over the years who have suffered no water because their pumps have failed whilst away and have had to try and find a mobile fitter. Hence I've always carried a Flo Jet pump with us and needed one last year when ours broke down whist in the wilds of Yorkshire. So,whilst this new van will probably be our last one I guess I'll just have to sell this pump now.


Stay safe.

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