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Defund the police the BLM Marxists said........

Guest pelmetman

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Click bait. They have hardly defunded the Police. Budget reduced by $1.1 million dollars, total annual budget $193 million dollars. It would be interesting to see the budgets cuts or gains across all states.


As for the Police force being "Disbanded". From the article. "At the start of the year, the Minneapolis police force employed 1,053 staff - 877 of them officers and 176 civilian staff.


That number had dropped to 987 as of last month - 844 officers and 143 civilians. "


Not exactly been disbanded or defunded then has it?

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Barryd999 - 2020-11-11 11:10 AM


Click bait.

As the majority of the twins threads are with blatant click bait senseless titles. Instead of mithering over how much policing costs in a foreign country he'd do better to concern himself with the drastic defunding our own police force has taken over the past ten years from a wretched Tory government he supports, that expects it to run on a shoe string so they can throw billions of taxpayers money at their Tory chums for dodgy 'contracts'.


When it comes to policing in England and Wales, there are a number of warning signs emerging. Victims are becoming less satisfied and fewer offences are resulting in charges. This is, perhaps, unsurprising given the fall in police spending, staff and officer numbers since 2009/10.



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Why is the OP more concerned with the police in the USA than here?


Even worse for the police here is having to enforce Cummings ever changing covid rules that he ignores himself.

Watching the estate TV programme I saw the police being sent out to close down a gym full of angry bodybuilders on a deprived housing estate. Then Cummings/BoJo moving the goalposts yet again to allow gyms to re open again.

As if the police don't have enough to do

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