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2013 Roller Team 707 rear bumper removal

steve hill

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Can anyone tell me how it is fixed on so as I can remove it, it appears to have 2 parts. Has anyone done it. Do I have to seperate them, what sealant is used etc. I see only a screw to each side and 2 flimsy support strut screws in the middle , it does not seem enough, it appears to balance on another plate on the van rear.


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I assume what you own is a Roller Team-branded 2013 Auto-Roller 707 model as shown in this advert




and with a rear as in the photo below.


I note that damp-related repairs had been carried out at the back of your motorhom before you bought it




though I doubt this affected the bumper area.


It may well be that the two screws and two support struts you mention are the only ‘mechanical’ components holdng the bumper in place and that adhesive is otherwise used to attach the bumper to the bodywork. If that’s the case, it’s to be expected that a strong ‘constructional’ adhesive (eg. a SIKA polyurethane product) would have been chosen when the motorhome was built, making removal of the bumper challenging. On-line adverts for secondhand parts also suggest the possibility that the bumper is one-piece, even though it may not look it.


I notice that there is a Roller Team Owners Facebook site.




It doesn’t seem very active, but you might try enquiring there if you don’t get any joy here.


There are several Roller Team UK dealerships




who might also be able to advise.


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Ta for that the only adhesive to be seen is between the 2 outer top bits and the lower bumper part, the bumper in the picture is not quite the same as it appears to have outer reflectors on the lower bumper part. As you can imagine with all the light and alarm wires it is dodgey to pull off. The bumper is not sealed at the top to the van rear, possibly to stop waterflow into the lights. I will check the face book account.

Ta again

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Roller Team has used the “Auto-Roller 707” model name repeatedly across the years, changing details of the design as time passes.


Is your Auto-Roller 707 motorhome a 2013 model or a 2012 model that was UK-registered in 2013? On-line photos suggest that the rear bodywork treatment altered for the 2013 model year (and again for the 2015 model year) and the changes included the design of the bumper. The 1st photo attached below is said to be of a 2012 model and it’s apparent that the bumper differs significantly from the photo I provided above.


I managed to extract an image (2nd photo below) from a 2017 advert for a ‘Roller Team 707’ new rear bumper and this matches the one in my earlier posting. This image indicates that the lower main section of the bumper is one-piece and that there would be secondary upper ‘caps’ at each end in the positions I’ve circled in green. It’s plain that this bumper’s moulding is intended to have reflectors in the lower corners (indents arrowed in red in photo) so if the design of your motorhome’s bumper is otherwise the same as the bumper in that image, yours is missing its reflectors.


It’s quite possible that the two ‘caps’ cover fittings that attach the bumper to the motorhome and that you’d need to take off the caps to allow to bumper to be removed. It may be that the caps just clip in place and cutting through the sealant would allow the cap to be prised off. A Roller Team dealer might know if that’s so.


The MotorHomeFacts website has a specific Roller Team forum




but motorhome owners tend not to attempt removal of ‘plastic’ rear bumpers if they can help it, so you may not be able to find anyone who has done it and can tell you how.



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This link is to the 2017 advert for the Auto-Roller 707 rear bumper




The seller was Scenic Getaway Motorhome Hire




but it’s anybody’s guess whether they would be able to advise you on how the bumper is attached to the motorhome.



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Just an update in case someone has same problem. I could not get it off, due to previous work I think they had glued the top end parts to the main section therebye hiding two conections to the body and even more sealant. There were two outer screws on the bottom and 2 behind the numberplate as well. However I was able to get the side panels sufficiently apart from the rear to gain access to the corner seals of the van rear which I wished to inspect/ reseal a bit more. Now that I have put new rear locker door seals( leaking) on and added sealant to the back corner seals of the van( leaking), my leak problems into the garage may have gone... fingers crossed, time will tell.

Oh tip as well, after 7 years the bumper is brittle and cracks or snaps easily so care is needed.

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