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Gas for hob


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We are considering having an almost gas free motorhome built to our specification.


We are trying to do away with the need for bulky Calor Gas cylinders or underslung LPG tanks.


Thus the fridge/freezer would be a compressor type running on 12/240v and the heating & hot water would be powered by diesel.


In order that we have some form of gas hob for emergencies, we thought that the combined unit such as the Thetford Hob 980 or 981 series might work. This is as fitted to the Wildax Elara and has two gas rings & an induction hob.


We would only need a small gas supply for the occasional use of the hobs.


We have a Cadac Safari Chef 2 that uses the 500g disposable threaded resealable gas cartridges [CA500].


Thus my question is whether, with the right connector/regulator, these cartridges could be used to power the two gas hobs on the Thetford unit on a very occasional basis?


Of course, this might not be at all feasible but it is worth asking the question!


I have asked the question of Cadac but have yet to receive a response.




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Pipkim - 2020-11-17 3:11 PM


Not something that I was really aware of! More research required me thinks! Thanks.


The Webasto x100 and the Wallas XC Duo diesel-fuelled hobs were mentioned in your 10 November enquiry.




In principle I can’t see why a C500 cartridge could not be used to fuel a Thetford 980-series hob, but I don’t know where you’d get the necessary connector/regulator to allow you to do it safely. Logically you’d be better to stay ‘conventional’ and carry (say) a Calor 3.9kg propane bottle or a Campingaz canister.

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The potential attraction of the Thetford 98-series hobs is that they combine a 230V induction hob with a pair of gas burners in a relatively compact footprint.




Not cheap though...



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