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Motorcaravan Awnings/tents


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Our Swift Motorcaravan came with a Tent/awning which can be left freestanding when we drive the van away. Unfortunately it is inherently unstable and blows over if there is any wind. While on holiday last year we saw a'Jovi' tent which would suit us because it is in effect a freestanding symetrical tent which can be attached to the van when needed.

I have been unable to get info about the 'Jovi' and I believe the firm has been taken over by Marechal who sell it as the 'Apollo' but I cannot find anyone who sells them.

Does anyone have experience of the 'Jovi' or indeed any suitable tent which in effect can be converted into an extra room on a motorvan and can be trusted to stay up when the van is not attached to it?

Terry mackintosh *-)

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