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Hooray C1 Licence.


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Although at the moment it's not much of an issue, the 11 month extension is only to drive in the UK, the extended licence does not allow driving in Europe as there is no physical evidence of an extension.


As I'm in tier 3 at the moment (seems like lockdown has existed for ever), I'm waitng for the morment to start things going to renew


cheers alan

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The following link goes into some detail about the DVLA driving licence extensions




and includes this QA advice:


I want to drive in France, Spain, or Europe - will foreign police and hire car companies know about the extension?


With many Brits swapping planes for cars as they head abroad - when we're not in lockdown - it's a worry that foreign police or hire car companies won't accept an seemingly 'expired' photocard driving licence.


Fortunately, the original photocard driving licence extension was arranged through an EU law, with the new extension also arranged with the EU. This means it will be accepted across all member states - including the UK during the transition period.


It is unclear if the extension will apply for the up-to-three-month-period of 2021 after the Brexit transition period ends on December 31. Drivers should contact the DVLA before this period.


I think I’d have preferred "This means it will be accepted across all member states...” to read "This means it SHOULD be accepted across all member states...” as it’s easy to see that - even in the UK, let alone abroad - an ‘expired’ photcard driving licence that’s within the 11-month extension period (so still valid) might be looked on with disfavour should the expiry date it carries be checked.


(Pete Barden Linkedin entry here)




Not partcularly ‘on topic’, but this link may also be of interest



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