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Barryd999 - 2020-12-17 1:55 PM


How do you know Anne Boleyn was white? All we have is drawings. In Tudor times black paint was scarce and they were also incredibly racist. Its a little known fact that Henry VIII was a Pakistani.


Old Henry was a "Pakistani" ... That kind of explains his sexual appetite and all those wives then ... Might also explain his difficulties with religion and our laws n'all ... Dont know if he had a 'gang' though

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I don't think Henry VIII was Pakistani.

What is certain is that William the Conqueror was not English.


And Richard the Lionheart was more French than English.

This certainly gives you an excuse not to admit that as early as the 12th century you English have gone to invade the house of the Arabs without them having threatened you.


I forgot, since the 18th century your Kings and Queens have come from Germany.

And in order not to have problems at home they have seen fit to support the birth of a country that had no right to exist where it was placed.

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