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Charging PDA's while on the move


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I have just got a PDA and will be adding sat nav software soon.


I havn't got a clue how to connect to the internet or sinchronise with the computer yet but that will get sorted eventually.


We will be off for a fortnight and I want to be able to charge it up as we will be doing a lot of wild camping.


Is there a device that you experienced satnav/pda people use that plugs into the 12v adapter and will give me 240v to charge it up while on the move?


I was so absorbed in getting hold of one and having a play that I totaly forgot about charging the bl**^y thing up!!


As always, any help appreciated.

PS Thanks for all your help Chris and Mel



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kevandali - 2007-03-28 11:22 AM that plugs into the 12v adapter and will give me 240v to charge it up while on the move?

You won't need 240v on the move as most PDAs only have an input of <>5v.  The mains adapters for PDAs have a built-in transformer to reduce the 240v to 5v.

Have a look at the leads which came with your PDA and see if there is a cigar lighter cable in there?  If not, each PDA seems to come with a unique fitting so you will probably need a bespoke connection.

If you are going to add some satnav software like TomTom for instance you can get a holder which comes with a sucker for the dash/window and cigar lighter power cable to keep it fully charger during your journey.

You haven't said which model you have but you could try:-



or eBay of course.

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Have a look in Poundland, they do a USB charger which you plug in to cig light, will charge any device with a usb connection.

TotalPDA do nice holders that allow charging and also connections to charge your receiver from the holder



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Hi kevandali


I have been using an O2 XDA with TT Navigator 5 for about eighteen months in this country and in France. The satnav works fine but I am now going to change to a 'proper' satnav which will iron out some of the niggles I have with the present arrangement.


In car charging wasn't a problem as I have a cigar lighter plug with a special adaptor that fits the XDA mains input connector if I just want to charge the XDA and an Arkon powered GPS cradle with windscreen mount when it is being used for navigation.


One of the niggles (apart from the fact that I can't use the XDA for pedestrian use) is that all that is a bit bulky and I would like to mount it elsewhere for security and to eliminate having to prise the suction mount off the windscreen every time we want to close the remis blinds.


Since buying a laptop (mainly for home use) and getting a new (modern!) mobile phone for Christmas I also find I am not using the PDA for either purpose now so it, the powered cradle and the TT Navigator will all be going on ebay soon.


Regards, David

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Just a last message for you - make sure that when you have been charging the PDA in the van when driving that you remove the charging lead from the cigarette lighter socket when you stop so that when you start the engine again it's not connected to the van's electrics, otherwise you could send an electrical 'spike' through the lead to the PDA and fry it's processor and that would be a very expensive mistake!




Mel B

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