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water filler cap with hose connector

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hi, we have a heosolution water filler cap with hose connector that was used in our peugoet boxer motorhome but we have changed now to a rollerteam autoroller 694 and for some reason it does not fit ,does anyone have any idea what filler cap we need for the autoroller as the universal ones do not work,thanks
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There are (at least) three manufacturers of fresh-water tank filler inlets/filler caps- FAP, ZADI and FIAMMA.


This advert for the HEOSwater Universal cap




warns that it is unsuitable for FIAMMA water filler inlets.


As your motorhome was built in Italy, there's a strong possibility that it has a FIAMMA inlet/cap.




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hi, thanks that would answer why it does not fit, we just assumed that being universal it would have worked,but thats not the case,we are finding that the auto roller may not have been such a good change of van as there are various obstacles we are coming across such as not being able to source parts easily ect lol ,kind regards
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This HEOSolution webpage for the "HEOSwater connector universal”






The as-delivered condition of the HEOSwater connector ®universal tank cap makes it suitable for all current filler plugs with bayonet lock (Ø 77 mm).

The scope of delivery of the new HEOSwater connector ®universal contains 2 additional components. It allows you to use the cap for tanks with smaller filler plug e.g. Dethleffs, LMC, TEC constructed from 2010 onwards (Ø 67 mm) or for other suppliers using the same plug, as well as for all water tanks with or without overflow.

With the enclosed flat rubber seal the HEOSwater connector ®universal is also but only applicable for water tanks with overflow.

Changing the seal through the additional ring makes the HEOSwater connector ®universal suited for filler plugs with smaller diameter (cap +/- 67 mm).


The HEOSolution information gives the impression that their latest design is genuinely ‘universal’, but a number of UK adverts for that product warn that it is unsuitable for FIAMMA filler-inlets.


(The original HEOSwater product was less versatile, as several variants were marketed depending on the type of filler-inlet and whether the fresh-water tank was vented or unvented.)


As I said earlier, the water filler inlet fitted to motorhomes/caravans is not standardised and the filler cap needs to match the inlet. The images on this link show different designs of cap and alternatives to the HEOSwater ‘easy fill’ connector.




The HEOSwater product is not revolutionary and, years ago, participants on this forum were mentioning that they had modified a redundant filler cap (that had needed to be replaced as its lock had broken) by grafting a Hoselock-type connector to the cap’s top and adding a short length of garden hose to the cap’s underside.


The water filler-inlet of my 2005 Hobby motorhome had a hose on its rear that led near-horizontally to the fresh-water tank and filling using conventional methods was extremely difficult and slow.


This 2013 French forum thread discussed improving water-tank filling




and included the photos attached below showing a DIY solution. This is the approach I took (except I was tidier!) where - with the Hobby - the hose could reach right into the tank allowing full water pressure at the tap to be employed and a simple wire clip stopped the hose from being spat out of the filler-inlet. I still use this ‘gizmo' on my current motorhome except, as the Rapido’s fresh-water tank fills from the bottom and the hose from filler to tank-inlet descends sharply, the wire clip is no longer needed.



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Does that fit on the type of water-filler inlet shown in the 2nd photo attached to my posting of 14 January 2021 8:36 AM above? And, if it does, isn’t there a lot of water leakage?


As I understand it, this type of product is intended as an ‘outlet’ (to which a garden hose can be attached) rather than as an ‘inlet’ through which water can be pumped into a tank/container. Hence there is nothing on the rear of the cap to help direct water into the tank like on this connector.



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I too have made several over the years along the same lines as Derek's and they all worked albeit with a bit of fettling to ensure a good fit and avoid wet shoe syndrome.


Made often from odds and ends in the garage they usually cost next to nowt and were very satisfying to figure out, make and use!

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Yes, there are many water-filling ‘wizard gizmos’ suggested online by ardent DIYers. This French complex effort is evidently aimed at Trigano motorhomes.




Another ( French) forum entry describes how filling adapters had been made for recent CI and Hymer motorhomes using 3D printing




3D-printable items are available for all sorts of motorhome-related things - the attached photo is of an ‘anti-insect’ cover for the external cowl of a Truma Combi/C-Series heater. It’s definitely tidier than my home-grown effort made up from an incestuous marriage of plastic yoghurt and Xmas-pudding pots. (A Tupperware bowl would have been preferable, but my wife thought otherwise!)




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