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Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter


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Just bought my first MC, a Hymer B544 1993, and found that, what I thought were standard 12v cigarette lighter sockets, were not the same size - quite a bit smaller.


Is this a standard 12v socket on MHs? If so can someone point me in the direction of somewhere I can buy the plugs (and what I should ask for). I cant seem to find any info on the net.





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Hi Roger,

These are most likely to be "Continental" power output sockets, we had similar ones in our Merc. I changed ours but no doubt the MH outlet who sell that brand will have some suitable plugs in the accessory shop. i.e. Ring Brownhills for your first quote or try a Mercedes garage.


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Hi Roger and welcome to the mad house!


I've had a quick shuftie on eBay and have come up with item numbers:





These are the smaller Hella type of plugs - we had a loan Rapido once and thought it was the standard cigarette lighter but when we tried to use it realised it was the smaller one, it's just a continental type of plus as opposed to the UK cigarette one, nothing particularly special about it. We got ours from Brownhills so you should be able to get them from normal dealerships I should think. These are also fitted to a lot of trucks so you could also try to get one that way but make sure you get the 12v version.


I've just done a quick search and www.roadking.co.uk do them.




Mel B



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