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Help!! Peugeot 2.2 - Cam Chain or Belt?


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Hi everyone...could anyone help me out with a query if possible please?.i have just bought a Bailey autograph approach with the peugeot 2.2 HDI 130 multijet engine..and i wonder if anyone knows if it has a chain belt fitted or the cambelt that needs replacing every 5 years or so?..any advise appreciated.


Many thanks,




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You don't say what year but this older forum thread says...


euroserv - 2015-07-16 5:33 PM


The 2.2 is made by Ford/Peugeot. Fitted to a Fiat vehicle it is only available at 100hp at Euro 4

It has a cam chain. It also has a dual mass flywheel. 5 speed gearbox.


The 2.3 is a Fiat engine. It was and still is only fitted to Fiat vehicles. It was available as 120 or 130hp at Euro 4 and is available at 110, 130 and 150hp as a Euro 5.

It has a cam belt. It does not have a dual mass flywheel. All 6 speed gearbox.


The above is not speculation or conjecture. Factual.


For markets other than the UK you can buy a 2.2 engined Ducato and this is 115hp and is Euro 5.


Peugeot and Citroen offered 2.2 engines for Euro 4 and 5 with 100, 120, 130 and later 150hp All cam chain and all with dual mass flywheel. 100hp was 5 speed, all others 6 speed.


Fiat and Peugeot/Citroen have also offered the 3.0 engine made by Fiat. This was 160hp at Euro4 and 180hp at Euro 5. It has a cam chain and 6 speed gearbox.


6 speed comfort-matic gearbox was only available on Fiat vehicles, on the 3.0 engine until Euro 5 and now it is available on 130 and 150hp 2.3 engines also. Still a Fiat only option.




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Peugeot and Citroen Euro 4 and 5 vans, up to 2017 had the 2.2 Ford Puma engine with chain cam.

Euro 6 vans ( easy to spot as will have Adblue filler near fuel fill point) are belt cam with 2.0 engines for the first 2 years and 2.2 currently. This is a PSA engine derived from the DW10, has a belt cam with a long service life 10 years or around 120k miles.



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yorkyram1 - 2021-01-29 12:47 PM


peugeot 2.2 HDI 130 multijet engine.

I think that there is a bit of confusion here because the term, "multijet" is used by FIAT, not Peugeot. If the engine is indeed a Peugeot 2.2 litre, then it is the Ford Puma engine and has a chain driven cam. You can tell by looking under the engine from the front and you will be able to see the oil pump with, "Ford" cast into its body.

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BS20 - 2021-02-01 5:27 PM

My 2.2hdi 2005 Autocruise Boxer has a belt. You can check here, scroll down and add reg number.


To 2006 (i.e. pre-X250) the Boxer's 2.2HDi was an 8 valve 2179cc PSA unit with, as you say, a cambelt.


From 2006 the 16v engines are as detailed earlier in the thread i.e. Ford PUMA 2198cc (chain) then the PSA Powertrain DW10 1997cc (belt) and currently the DW12 2188cc (belt).

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