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Swivel Seats for 2019 Relay


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Hi, I am new to this forum, I am in the process of getting a 2019 Citroen Relay L3H3 panel van and convert it into a Camper, I am interested in the swivel seats convertors for the passenger and driver seats to make the space in the back a bit roomier, seen a few for sale and would be grateful if anyone has had any experience fitting them and which company has the best kits to buy from.
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Phil.


This website carries a lot of campervan conversion information




including advice on fitting swivel seats




As you are aware, there are several manufacturers of seat swivels designed for Boxer/Ducato/Relay vehicles (FASP, MAPA, Sportscraft, etc.) but I’ve no practical experience of retro-fitting and can’t advise on which might be best for you.


You might try asking about this on the Self Build Motor Caravanners Club forum (10 free posts)




and/or on the DIY Motorhome forum





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I have just fitted a sports craft swivel in my 2004 fiat ducato. I chose it specifically because it has an offset swivel. This means that when you spin it round 180 degrees, it centres approximately 10cms towards the middle of the van. Perfect if like me you have fixed furniture on that side. I used grasshopper leisure. Price best I could find and recieved excellent service. Fitting is a straightforward affair although I had no underseat wiring to worry about being an older van .simply 4bolts remove chair. Drop on the swivel 4 bolts and replace chair. The seat is German made an excellent quality. Cons are it’s pretty heavy ( I liked this, gave feeling of quality and security)) and it raises seat height by 45mm. Got advice on this forum and great tip to buy a typists footstool. Works perfectly. Good luck. I will attempt to post couple of pics to show the offset benefit.







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I'm not sure what swivel bases our Globecar has, but they work quite well. Low profile, so don't lift the seat much, and very easy to work the locking lever, when sitting in either seat just 'kick' back with your inboard foot to release, the only thing I think could be improved would be the ability to lock them in different positions, but I've not noticed any seat swivel that does that.
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