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At last a Brexit Benefit!


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Bulletguy - 2021-03-24 5:29 PM



No doubt Mr Angry will get angry and shouty about something. :-|


LOL! How dare those pesky Migrants decide Blighty is not good enough for them and try and smuggle themselves back out! (lol) Maybe they turfed up in Weymouth.

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pelmetman - 2021-03-25 8:36 AM


Barryd999 - 2021-03-24 5:09 PM


Lorry driver charged with smuggling migrants "out" of the UK.





Excellent news B-) .........


The chancers have decided to head back to the EU before Pretty Patel deports them >:-) .........




Well she wont be deporting back to Europe now we lost the Dublin Agreement and if there is nowhere else to send them back to that will have them she is stuck with them.


More likely they got here and realised how s**t the UK had become and wanted out.

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