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I wonder what mthead has to say?.........

Guest pelmetman

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Guest pelmetman

To his fellow Italian ;-) .............




I'm an italian living in the UK. Up to yersterdsy, 1 april, the Uk had vaccinated 59.1% people with a first dose and 8.6% with a second dose (404.922 just yersterday).At the end of april this percentage will be close to 25% and, at the end of zMay over 35%, many more second doses than the larg european countries first doses. Apart from the usual reasons, the most important and the one that has been mostly ignored by everybody is this. Last summer, when european politician were half- sleep, the UK goverment eas meticously and efficiently planning and orgazing a vast national network of large vaccination centres and recruiting and training thousands of volunteers to complement the already established NHS


Over 70% of British were eager to get the vaccine, everything was in place and rrady to run, like a Swiss watch, at lrast a month before the final trial of Pfizer and Astranazeca. This is the reason why the UK was the first country in the world to approve Pfizer and inoculate the first person with it on 8 December."




At least Franco can see what our resident LOSERS/HATERS refuse to see (lol) (lol) (lol) ........


Keep on HATING & LOSING ......LOSERS >:-) .......



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Mr. p****-man, don't be so impatient.


Even if it is probably an impossible concept for you to understand, I don't spend all my days in front of a PC searching the internet for the most absurd news so that those who have a head laugh at me.


I'm not paid to do it and in this Easter period, contrary to what you believe, I was able to go (legally) to my second home above beatiful Lake Como.

Crystal clear sky and fantastic landscape.

Real sunlit upland, not foggy and pissing Albion.


Going back to your friend Franco, if you meet him ask him why the UK approved a vaccine before the manufacturer handed over the necessary documentation to all regulator agencies.

Ask him why the United States, certainly not least in scientific expertise, has not yet approved it.

Also ask him how he can trust you, some strong doubts would come to me.


And don't get me bored with the EU because EMA's opinion is not binding, for example Hungary uses Sputnik which is not yet approved at EU level, while the Netherland has suspended AZ.

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