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3,800 European Camp Site POIs


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In case you hadn't found this one, here are some downloadable camp site POIs for most SatNav systems including TomTom, Garmin, Destinator, Route 66 etc.

The web site boasts "The GPS-coordinates of almost 3800 located campsites were found in the period from October 2006 to February 2007 by two enthusiastic campers."


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Hi Sylvia,


I downloaded the Autoroute (AR) POI's and found that some of the sites in Holland were indicated as being out in the North Sea, for example Delftse Hout.


I use the Mio 269+ and as you know you can only import POI's using outsourced software, perhaps Warners software. At least some of the coordinates are suspect, I would be loath to load them into the Mio. If some of the coordinates are beyond the map limits of the Mio, it may corrupt either the Operating Software and/or Maps.


You probably are aware of the Favourites function on the Mio, I usually input the sites as I need them, either from AR or from a paper copy. If I load say 300 POI's into AR the mapping runs noticeably slower, if I load 3500 POI's into AR it will run extremely slowly.


I would advise not taking a chance loading heaps of POI's into the Mio, unless through the Favourites function, incase the mapping does not keep up with the vehicle speed. Unless - someone knows different -


I wonder whether its worthwhile upgrading to V3 from V2, the mapping isn't going to be that different, also the way France is altering road numbers over the next few years, will make it out of date immediately you have it. I found in France last Autumn the road numbers having just changed, didn't make any difference to navigating, as soon as your speed dropped, the map zoomed in and you were able to follow the correct turning from the map, even though the spoken road numbers were wrong.


Regards Terry

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Guest peter

Terry how can I upload poi's from my laptop to my MIO 250 as there doesn't seem to be any supplied software to allow me to do this.

Thanks. Peter

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