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Water & heating system


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Hi, I’m a motorhome novice, having purchased a 2006 (56) plate Autocruise Stardream last December. Very happy and very proud, looking forward to having some post lockdown adventures. However, whilst preparing everything I quickly discovered a problem. Having filled the water system as soon as I turned on the taps, water surged out underneath (behind the front axle) and water is leaking from a red valve near the blue water boiler.

So, 2 issues. 1. Water passing through very quickly and (2) the combitronic display is not working. When I turn that on, it makes a funny noise, bleeps a lot and refuses to display anything really. So, my questions are, what’s going on? Do I need to turn the red valve a half turn? (I recall being advised to turn this valve to drain the system).

What do I need to do? Help gratefully received. Thanks

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Hi Eric and welcome,


It is very likely that the red valve is the cause of your leak and whatever you did to drain the water system needs reversing. ie if you turned the valve half a turn then turn it back half a turn, although it may only need a quarter turn if it is a typical plumbing style valve.


I can't help specifically with the Combitronic panel but a usual problem with any electronics is low voltage so have you kept the leisure battery charged during storage and if you have the means to measure it what is its voltage?



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Operating guides for Eberpacher’s “Combitronic” heating systems can be found here






but these may not be 100% relevant to a 2006 system.


This 2014 forum thread discussed a 2006 control panel, but some of the links in the thread may now be out of date.




Some more “Combitronic” forum references that may be worth browsing through.



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