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Compass Calypso 1998,side door model

MR B Greenwood

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Hi Bryan,


If your machine looks like this http://tinyurl.com/38vfqy , then I see no problem with fitting the Fiamma safe door. The big white bit of the fiamma will rotate to cover both the upper and lower half of the door easily, or you could fit two of the assemblies, one to the top and one to the bottom half of the doors.


There are two types of Fiammia safe doors, one afixes to the frame, the other through the bodywork. Looking at the picture you have an end kitchen the same as my MH, you may have to dismantle some of the kitchen woodwork to gain access for fitting the reinforcing plate to the inside of the MH., its worthwhile fitting that model Fiamma, rather than the more flimsy door frame mounted assembly.


Regards Terry

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