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Vango Cruz II Tall


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Hope you are all well


Hoping someone can advise me on this, I have an Autoquest 115 MH and have been looking to purchase a drive away awning,


My local dealer has a Vango Cruz Tall in stock and advised that this would be suitable for my vehicle , however it does seem a little deep and my concern is it will be too big for a lot of campsite pitches,


Question is can you erect without fully extending if need be due to pitch / space restrictions?


Any advise would be appreciated


Thank you




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This awning is deeper than many others due to the storm porch on the front. For most hard pitches you will be spilling over from the gravel to the grass which may or may not be allowed depending upon site or you will need to look for sites with all grass pitches available. As a separate note, it is worth looking out for a second hand hardly used airbeam awning as many people like myself, who tour rather than stay in one place, found out that they are more trouble than they are worth, take up too much storage space in the van, can be awkward to reconnect if out in the van for the day and have very little second hand value when you decide to ditch. I do believe, however, motorhomers who like to pitch up for a couple of weeks at a time find them invaluable and the Cruz 2 certainly looks to have plenty of space.
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