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Good News - Sevel Factory Reopened


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DavyS - 2021-04-30 9:42 AM


Reports a couple of days ago that the Sevel plant in Italy has reopened at 70% capacity after a month-long shutdown because of Covid.

So if you have a Sevel-built motorhome on order it may be good news.

are you talking about the shutdown a year ago


or has there been another?

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There’s been another...


It was mentioned on a March 2021 Italian-language website that the SEVEL fectory would be closing for a week. The reason given was that COVID-19 was hitting manufacturers/suppliers of critical components in the area of Italy where the factory is and the factory could not function without a reliable and regular feed of such parts. Presumably a week was insufficient time to get back to semi-normal.

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Stock of panel vans still very short at the dealers.

I found some of those advertised were already sold.

Some internet suppliers still promising everything at big discounts, but I was scared off when I read their terms and conditions. 8-) Like you have to pay in full and then hope they deliver it *-) Look them up on google maps and its just an office.....

Fiat main dealer quoted me end of this year for a factory order, by which time it would be one of the all new range of engines Fiat are bringing out.

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