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Has UK "taken back control?"


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Raab should, at least, check his facts.


This is from Full Fact: "Official EU voting records show that the British government has voted ‘No’ to laws passed at EU level on 56 occasions, abstained 70 times, and voted ‘Yes’ 2,466 times since 1999, according to UK in a Changing Europe Fellows Sara Hagemann and Simon Hix.


So it seems that most EU "law" was, in fact, favoured by the UK governments of the day, by a ratio of 44 to 1, with 70 abstentions.


Good way of unloading the blame for unpopular laws, wasn't it? Blame "them over there" for the unpopular ones! So whose law is it if HMG voted in favour, even if the vote took place outside the UK? Tricky, isn't it! :-D

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