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Waste Tank

Chris Gill

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Learn something new every day. Just found an entry to the waste tank from the garage in my Geist Phantom. By it there is a wire leading in to the tank through something with a blue top. Don't want to fiddle just yet, but would I be right in thinking this might be a heater, which presumably would turn on automatically?
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It’s definitely a tank level sensor.


These two adverts relate to the sensor that’s fitted to Burstner motorhomes






The asking-prices differ significantly and the 2nd advert refers to the item as a “fresh water tank sensor”. It’s certainly the case that this type of ‘multi-probe’ sensor is commonly fitted to motorhome fresh-water tanks, but waste-water tanks usually have a cruder arrangement. There’s no compelling reason why Geist should not have chosen to use this type of sensor for a waste-water tank though...


When a tank heater (example here)




is fitted, it will normally be installed low down on an external waste-water tank (and occasionally on an external fresh-water tank) with the heating element protruding horizontally into the tank’s interior through the tank’s sidewall. Alternatively a heating ‘pad’ can be stuck to the underside of the tank.


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