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After Newbury Show


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Hi, we are going to the Southern Motorhome Show at Newbury next month and intend extending our stay in the area by a few days. I would appreciate suggestions for places to visit and CSs (C&CC).

Regards Cattwg (?) :-)

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There are some nice walks and rides along the canal. Development of Newbury Warf is a hot topic at the moment.

They have a race course for horses which may tempt some if its a race week end.

Newbury is the International Headquarters for Vodaphone - if that floats your boat!


Its part of Silicon Valley and 15 miles from Reading Gaol.



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Hi Cattwg


Although there are some pretty areas around Newbury CL's are fairly few and far between, so I assume other camping/mh sites will be same.


If you enjoy canals (fishing??) the Avon and Kennet canal is nice (especially for cycling). Hungerford is a great little town. There’s a nice little tea shop near the canal.


The area around Bucklebury has some great cycling and plenty of place to park.


The area around Streatly is very pretty and I see there's a CL there.


South East of Newbury has great forests. I believe the likes of Andrew Loyd Weber live there.


Newbury itself is a nice little town. The area around the wharf has a small museum and the Corn Exchange (theatre). Here is a link: http://www.cornexchangenew.com


If I can be of help please let me know.




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Winchester is only a short drive down the A34 from Newbury. The CC site at Morn Hill has a pub/eatery next door and there is a bus service to the city, X64 or 67. Or there is a motorhome friendly Park & Ride.

Walking tours are often available, or you could explore the compact city and look for, Wolvesey Castle, Jane Austens' House, The Pilgrims' Hall, Orams' Arbour and the County Gaol (now a row of wine bars!!), not to be confused with Winchester Prison.


ps. There is also a Wharf.

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Just a few miles south of Newbury is Basingstoke, where, on Sunday the 13th is the Basingstoke Festival of Transport, in the War memorial Park.. This is an excellent show for those who like that sort of thing, entry is free.


The downside is that parking may be tricky: the BDC have seen fit to install a height barrier on the p&r car park.



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