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This YouTube video describes how to fit a pollen filter to a 1995 Ducato, so (probably) the same method would apply to a 1999 model



The video was also mentioned here




Logically, if the purpose of the “lower hose pipe” that was “full of gunk” is to drain water from the pollen filter housing it should be cleaned out. And - if the hose drains rainwater and hasn’t been cleaned out for a long time - it’s to be expected that muck would build up in it.


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Do you think this would also apply to a 2017 Boxer? Not looked yet but bought the filter so will give it a go. Interesting point on the filter. There's two different ones for my m/h. One cost £13, the other is £68. Guess which one I bought?


And a second related question, can I add any sot of "perfume" spray to the filter so it smells nice in the vehicle?

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The location and design of the pollen filter for a 1999 Ducato (as discussed above) won’t be relevant to a 2017 Peugeot Boxer ‘X290’ vehicle like yours.


My posting in this 2021 forum thread includes 4 links that I suggest you refer to before commencing the task.




There’s a YouTube video relating to a pollen filter change on a 2012 ‘X250’ Boxer motorhome



but the task was more complex for my 2015 Ducato. However, the video does warn that the two bolts securing the plastic cover behind which the filter is located have a 7/32 head-size (rather than a metric size) and I found this to be true in my case.


‘Perfuming’ the filter is mentioned here




This product might be worth rubbing on the filter prior to installing it.




There are several types of pollen filter




and (as you’ve found out) the asking-price varies. Anything from about £9 upwards - but £68 would either be a joke or a mistake.

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