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Cleared after almost 50 years


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Three men convicted and jailed in 1972 on false evidence by a corrupt BT Police officer, Detective Sergeant Derek Ridgewell, have finally had their convictions quashed.........almost 50 years later.


Jenny Wiltshire, of Hickman & Rose Solicitors, who represented the three men declared innocent by the court on Tuesday, said: “While the acquittal of these innocent men is welcome news, it is deeply troubling that it has taken so long to happen.


“These men’s entire adult lives have been blighted by false allegations made by a corrupt police officer known to have been dishonest for decades.


“Both the British Transport Police and the Home Office were warned about Ridgewell’s lies in 1973. Yet neither organisation did anything except move him to a different police unit.


“Even when Ridgewell was convicted of theft in 1980, they did not look again at the many clearly unsafe criminal convictions which had relied on his witness testimony.”


She added: “For many of Ridgewell’s innocent victims and their families it is far too little, far too late.”


Ridgewell had previously served as a police officer in what was then Rhodesia.


Clowns like the usual suspects of the hang 'em and flog 'em brigade would have hung them or deported them. *-)




and a DM link showing the extent of Ridgewells corruptness; https://tinyurl.com/ymhkvcyj

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