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whatsupdoc - 2021-07-17 12:22 PM


Can anyone recommend a personal fan - the type that sit on the dashboard.


I'm sure I saw a thread on here some time ago, but a search didn't reveal anything ...

There was this forum discussion 14 years ago...




(Not sure if the subject has been explored here since.)

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whatsupdoc - 2021-07-17 6:21 PM


Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately Poundland don't deliver here - so I'll look for one on EBay.

I don't think Poundland deliver anywhere ...


... you might have to send the Chauffeur to the store. :D

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There are plenty of ‘personal fans’ advertised online or on TV




Some of these will be powered by separate batteries or by an integreated rechargeable battery, but quite a few are intended for use in a vehicle and are 12V DC powered.


Numerous ebay adverts here




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weldted - 2021-07-18 11:14 AM


One problem you may find with a small fan is for them to have any effect the blade has to spin really fast and can be quite noisy?/

Noisy and draughty

Bigger the blades the better

Best one I have is about a metre in diameter and replaces the bedroom light fitting

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