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Victron Solar Controller


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I have a 160W solar panel and a Victron 75/15 mppt controller. As you might expect there are two connection for the battery and two connection for the solar panel.


In addition there are two further connections called "load". I have been trying to find out what purpose they serve but so far without success.


Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.


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Many low power solar controllers have load outputs. They are designed for applications like remote lighting where a timed on/off period can be programmed. In addition its possible to disable the output at programmable voltage levels. The load outputs are connected to the battery and controlled by semiconductor switches, with the maximum current level limited by the units specification, in this case 15 amps.


In most leisure applications the load terminals are not used , and all power taken from the battery.


Its possible to use the load terminals in conjunction with pre programmed output conditions. Examples, alarm activation if the battery gets too low or switching off loads, say a compressor 12v fridge. Switching on/off an awning light at programmed time.



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