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Brexit red tape hits UK manufacturing


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More "benefits" of Brexit. What numpties voted for this sh1tshow? *-)


Vital parts for British goods such as cars and fridges could fall into a legal limbo as Brexit red tape holds up supply chains, The Independent has learnt.


Manufacturing is at risk from serious disruption because the government has failed to devise a suitable replacement for the EU’s safety standards system.


This means components needed for use in the UK will not have a suitable “kitemark” to guarantee a product is safe which could force manufacturers and their suppliers to down tools or divert their trade elsewhere, leading figures warn. Without confirmation that these safety and environmental standards are met, products and parts cannot be sold on the UK market.



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We currently have a set of safety standards indicated by the 'kitemark' that shows products are safe and fit for use. These kitemarks are built into trading standards, consumer protection, product liability laws and a raft of other every day considerations.


UK was offered the chance to stay in the scheme that awards kitemarks. Johnson declined preferring to have the UK's own safety standards. On a side note here the kitemark was a minimum standard.....going above the requited minimum does not cause an issue so the only reason not to join would be if the Tories were planning to lower standards. However the EU were quite happy to offer the UK a deal where each recognised the others safety standards - something Johnson turned down again.


So now as of January 1st British manufactured goods will no longer be covered under the European Scheme.


The problem is most won't yet be covered under the British scheme either. Manufacturers had to apply to join the British Safety Standard and there is a significant backlog processing registrations.


Longer term overseas customers will also have to change their legislation to recognise the British Standards and the UKCA - UK's conformity standards agency - has admitted that will leave UK manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage for years.


This also explains why so many of the UK's 'cut and paste' trade deals have signed Britain up to comply with European safety standards for decades to come.

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