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Frankia holiday class detachable steering wheel key


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Quickly-detachable steering wheels are normally attached to a ‘boss' fitted to a vehicle’s steering column, with a simple mechanism that allows the wheel to be rapidly disconnected from the boss. Nowadays they are primarily marketed for competition cars and there are examples here




I remember removable steering wheels being sold at outdoor leisure shows for retro-fitting to motorhomes. They were quite popular in the late-1900s and early-2000s as a security measure and to facilitate the driver’s seat being rotated, and were fairly easy to reto-fit to Ducatos in those days when a driver airbag was not integrated into the steering wheel.


This 2014 forum thread mentioned removable steering wheels with keys fitted to Auto-Trail motorhomes.




I think (from wading through your earlier postings) that you may have obtained the Frankia very recently, and I suspect that your Frankia did not start life with a removable steering wheel and was retro-fitted with the wheel by a previous owner. If that were the case, then trying to find a key for the wheel would need to begin by identifying the wheel’s manufacturer (and there were plenty of these in the early-2000s).


If you believe that the wheel would have been fitted by Frankia when your motorhome was built, you might try asking about this on the Frankia Motorhomes UK Facebook group.



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Trickydicky1 - 2021-08-08 12:12 PM


Hi again, forgot to ask, does anyone know where l can go to get a replacement key for my detachable steering wheel on my Frankia.



I have a Tazio removable steering wheel on my 2004/5 Benimar and it has a radial RPT Key. Just a quick google search brought up this lot who may be able to help you if your key is a radial type.





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