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Christmas cancelled


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Iceland boss warns Brexit supply chain crisis could ‘cancel’ Christmas


The chief of supermarket chain Iceland has cautioned that the Brexit-induced supply chain crisis could “cancel” Christmas.


Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday morning, Richard Walker – the managing director of Iceland – said: “The reason for sounding the alarm now is that we’ve already had one Christmas cancelled at the last minute and I’d hate this one to be problematic as well.”


He said Iceland is currently enduring a shortfall of 100 full-time drivers, which is “impacting the food supply chain on a daily basis”.


His warnings come after another of Britain’s biggest supermarket bosses warned shoppers to get used to food shortages.


Steve Murrells, chief executive of the Co-operative Group, said food shortages were the worst he has known, with shops hit by post-Brexit migration rules and Covid-19.


Time for idle glass-back Brexiters to step up to the plate and get working. This sh1tshow is what these numpties voted for and got the country into the mess so it's time they were held to account now.




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Turns out Icelands CEO Richard Walker voted Brexit.......but quickly became a Bregretter!


A supermarket boss who backed Leave said today he did not expect the 2016 referendum would lead to Britain quitting the European Union with no deal. Richard Walker, UK managing director for Iceland, stressed that businesses were being “crippled” by Brexit uncertainty and signalled support for a second referendum to break the deadlock over the UK’s future with the EU.


Asked on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme whether, when he voted Leave, he thought it could lead to a no deal, he said: “Personally speaking, I didn’t. I never heard discussions about no deal.


“I know the politicians will say different now but I was told ‘the easiest deal in history and we’d hold all the cards’.”


Lot's believed that rubbish mate and still do......they think we need "them" more than "they" need us!! *-)





But his boss and founder of Iceland, Malcolm Walker (no indication they're related) wanted UK to remain in the EU.



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